Vision & Mission

Our Vision – our dream for the future

 We dream of restoring a beautiful Earth. Of a world with a clean, pure environment, where humanity takes its natural place alongside all other life. Earth is covered in abundant and flourishing life.

All of humanity is free, equal and everyone’s basic needs are taken care of easily and sustainably. We live in tribes of abundant garden communities, with sustainable technologies and architecture. Our living spaces provide us with the basic needs for life. The air we breathe and the water we drink is clean and pure, and the soils that support us are rich and nourishing.

We see Earth, our common home, as sacred and treat it with care, love and respect. We all know we’re one with the biosphere and live in a culture that enhances the biosphere for all life, and aligns with how life and the universe actually work.  

The landscape around us consists of thriving and abundant habitats; lush green forests, clean oceans and rivers, rich wildflower meadows, rolling hills, steep mountains, and countless beautiful places. Earth is a safe place for all beings that have made it their home.

We immerse ourselves in nature every day. We sit by the sea or next to a river. We walk in a great forest or on a vast plain. We spend time on rolling hills or steep mountainsides. We breathe the goodness of life, drink pure water, shower in the golden rays of the sun, and sleep under clear, starry skies.

We’re at peace and free to develop as our hearts direct us. The needs of our higher selves are fulfilled, and there’s abundant free time for things like culture, science and the arts. We can all reach our full potential.

Like nature, humanity is diverse, and treasures all its different cultures, mentalities, and customs. These continue to develop and evolve freely. We all love and help each other. We’re open minded, and our knowledge is open source and freely available to everyone.


Project Mission - what we are doing

We offer a practical migration route towards a utopian future by developing super-sustainable living spaces that easily take care of its inhabitants’ basic needs for shelter, food, water and energy.

We offer the technology to make this happen on an open-source basis to anyone and everyone.

This way we, as humanity, can be free and develop and evolve as our hearts and higher selves direct us, so that humanity can move towards a state of harmony with all of life.

Project Structure – how we work

Our Core project supports the 4 working groups on energy, water, shelter, food, facilitates information exchange within LIA project and works on communication with outside world and the out put of open source replicable products tools and technology.

The tools & technology are  used and implemented by on the ground projects & users, the core project receives feedback from on the ground projects and users and feeds this back to the four working groups, and these feedback loops result in  technology tools and products that are constantly improving and evolving.

Current priorities of the project

Wer’re currently focusing on the shelter part of the project, and in particular mushroom technologies. However, if you have ideas or technologies that you think could help us achieve the goals of our project in any of the fields of the project (food, energy, water & shelter), then please get in touch and/or connect with us on Telegram or through our newsletter.  We always want to hear from people who are inspired and have ideas!

How to join!
Are  you inspired? Would you like to be part of the change? 
Come join us to explore what's possible!

Join us on Telegram

We use Telegram, an open source communication/messenger service to connect to each other within this project. If you'd like to join in, simply install the Telegram app on your smartphone, or use the desktop version if you'd prefer that.

Open the toggle below to learn more about how to get on Telegram and join the discussion and action:


How to connect with Land in Action on Telegram

Go to the Telegram website, and install the app you'll need for your device, you can use Telegram on your smartphone, or on your laptop/pc, or on both.



When the App is installed, search for the "Welcome to Land in Action" group and join!


Or join the group by clicking this link once you have Telegram installed:


Welcome to Land in Action


If you are having any trouble, send us a quick email:


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