Thinking, reflecting, conscious beings

It’s taken over 4 billion years of evolution to get to this point. As human beings we’re standing on the shoulders of countless other species, some still with us today, some long gone.



The ability to reflect and be conscious has brought an unfortunate side effect:











As physical beings we are still very much a part of and dependent on our biological family, the earth’s biosphere.



The problem is… we seem to have forgotten that part.

The planet’s biosphere has created a beautiful equilibrium that makes human life possible, but through our way of life we are quickly creating conditions that are unable to support us.

We have a choice to make.



Continue on our current path & squander this unique moment in our earth’s history



Rise to the challenge by acknowledging & embracing our place in the earth family, by becoming a harmoniouspart of the planet’s biosphere.



Becoming a harmonious part of the biosphere will give us endless scope for further development, joy and abundance for all life.



A true expansion of consciousness



This is going to be the greatest adventure of our earth time.



Will you join us?


Let’s briefly explore our current relationship with our biosphere and the limitations it brings so we can move on to solutions and action!



The Search for a Better Way

what’s holding us back ?

Searching for a way out of the current system is not a new concept.

Since the 1960s increasing numbers of people have been searching for another kind of life.

A life with more meaning and fulfillment, and more connection to the land and the earth.

But in many of these attempts at alternative, land based community, money is still a limiting factor and available time is reduced by the need to earn money, or work hard to produce the necessary commodities of life. Time is the greatest and most precious resource given to us, every human should be able to spend time according to their greatest talents, abilities and heart directed prompts. Reciprocal, technologically advanced communities can offer time as a resource which can then be used to further enhance community and enrich personal life experience.

What’s needed is attractive, accessible migration routes out of the current system and into new ways of being and thriving where the human systems and patterns of technology and organisation are in resonance, harmony and synergy with land based living systems.

Our mission as Land in Action is to realize a thriving earth community where life is above all easy and pleasurable.

Where time is freed up as a resource to be spent as the heart directs us, building relationship, innovation, culture, community and resilience.

We seek to establish  open source, transferable, replicable and above all – practical –  migration routes out of the old destructive system and into the new.

The limitations we need to overcome

Currently the limitations that people encounter when considering migrating
out of the old patterns of relating are:


Time is commonly spent either earning, accumulating, or spending money, or producing the means of subsistence from land. Most people are acutely time impoverished. The best and proper use of time is in celebration of life, development of the self at a chosen level of scale (individual, community, global), and in heartfelt meaningful activity which contributes to the abundance of the whole whilst bringing forth the talent, ability and passion of the individual. Land in Action builds community that is time rich for its participants.


Money has become the subject of all human activity, the subject of history demoting humans, all  other life forms and the environment to mere objects which are used by money in service of its unending expansion. Money has impoverished  us all the rich and especially the poor by so deeply occupying our consciousness that it has effectively enslaved us and the planet. Money is extractive and accumulates energy and value typically in offshore unaccountable havens where it can do no common good. This is insane. Money should not be the subject of experience, time and of history. The proper subject of experience, time  and life is the ‘self’, the  expansion and deepening of personal and interpersonal experience, through the cultivation of the arts, governance, sciences and technology. Money has insinuated itself as the subject of human experience and made objects or slaves of us all.  Land in Action seeks to grow communities from the ground up that have no internal need for money, replacing money with resource exchange – be that time, labour, skills, information, tools or technology.


Ownership is an irrational concept, a legal historical fiction. It is actually impossible to own anything other than our own sovereign experience or consciousness.  Ownership of any material substance can only ever be an artificial imposition and construction or agreement. The universe in which we find ourselves does not actually enable or allow for conscious beings to own material objects, be it land, resources or other beings. Ownership is only ever a pretence seemingly made real by legal frameworks and the threat of violence. Everything that exists is gifted – our bodies, our food, our environment and resources are all gifted to our experience  and are taken away upon death. The fiction of private ownership is exclusive, inefficient, unnecessary, and inevitably leads to systems of inequality, conflict and violence. The concept of ownership is so pervasive that most of us fail to see the marvel that many indigenous peoples have dwelt in and celebrated – that everything is a gift in common to us all – a marvellous, unending, generous, astounding gift which cannot be seized, captured, held, or divided. Existence cannot be owned in part or parcel it can only be beheld, particpated with and enriched.

When everything is understood to be borrowed; harmonious, appropriate and conscious  patterns of allocation and exchange can emerge for the particular need as well as the common good. When everything that is gifted is understood to be borrowed and celebrated for a time and that it should be returned in better order than when it was received, the natural functioning of the universe can prevail and abundance and evolution can proceed unimpeded.

Scarcity is a result of  the misguided concept of ownership and is also artificial and by no means inevitable. Ownership and scarcity create  differentials which provoke fear, greed, separation and conflict which inhibits human  consciousness and efficient functioning. Many human cultures have demonstrated that ownership is not a necessary or inevitable fiction around which to organise.

Land in action seeks to innovate with new transitional patterns of ‘ownership’ and belonging which reduce rather than increase the realms of private ownership within the community and between other like minded communities.

It is important to note that previous experimental communities, and indeed national states  that have sought to abolish private ownership have also sought to abolish privacy and personal autonomy and have failed because of it. Privacy is not the same thing as private ownership. Privacy and autonomy are necessary conditions for healthy, conscious, human life and should be easily accessible even in close community. The essential needs for healthy individual and family privacy and autonomy can be met within communities of common belonging.


Imagination and example

For many – it is currently easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine human beings in harmony with life and each other. The imagination of apocalyptic, authoritarian and violent futures  are more commonly talked about and portrayed by the arts and culture and  have more social currency than the imagination of peace, harmony and universal thriving. We tolerate a present situation which should be utterly intolerable – lives of misery for millions and the degradation of all living systems. The national budgets that go in to destructive violent technologies of surveillance and warfare far outweigh those dedicated to any positive aspects of the human project. The positive imagination is highly underdeveloped amongst us – replaced with cynicism, ‘realism’, and dystopia so that even the imagination of positive global outcomes seem naïve, otherworldy, new age, religious or daft.

The universe actually demonstrates nesting,  interpenetrating systems of reciprocity, synergy, harmony and abundance at every level of scale. The prevailing conditions of private ownership have historically conditioned us to see competition and scarcity ‘in nature’ as the engine of evolution. However competition is actually only a relatively small component of biological existence.  Competition is far outweighed in scale scope and prevalence by co-operation, mutuality and symbiosis. Our task is to look at how the universe and living systems actually operate and transmute those observations via our amazing  imaginations in to pathways by which we can re-integrate the human with the bio-sphere.

Nature and the universe are very diverse we need not look for universal solutions – but many different forms, varieties of community which reciprocate and co-operate rather than compete. In modelling new communities we stimulate the imagination and the horizon of what is possible expands.  



We already have the technology for every human being to have a house that can be built quickly and cheaply,  which can sustainably and efficiently generate water, food and power. Such homes would abolish scarcity and the need for money,  freeing up time for leisure, self and community development, education, the arts sciences and all that is good about humanity. Land in Action seeks to develop, employ and demonstrate such technologies so that they can quickly be replicated en masse. The rapid replication of such technologies would result in the diversification of intentional communities of choice where humans can gravitate to garden communities of their choosing and diverse and reciprocal cultures can emerge. There is far more than enough land for every human to have such a house whilst leaving the great wildernesses forests and habitats to recover and cities to become a thing of the past. We could live in one great planetary zoned garden.


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