The Land in Action project has created a free resource that we hope will empower communities and action groups around the world; free online meeting rooms.

We can’t all be in the same place all the time, and nowadays some of the most revolutionary projects bring together people from around the globe. A place to meet online, securely is very important for these kinds of projects.

To use the meeting rooms, simply type the following link in your browser    followed by  any characters you wish.  For example, we could use

This opens a meeting room, and you can now send this link to anyone you’d like to invite to your meeting.

You can meet with up to a 100 people in the meeting room.

The technology the meeting rooms use is , an open source community-driven video conferencing platform that securely connects users across browsers and devices.

These meeting rooms are possible with the generous support of Velia hosting.

Land in Action

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