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Who are we?

Land In Action is open to anyone who has a passion for our goals – that everyone should be able to live in a house that provides water, power and food. At the moment we have a structure with a few ‘core’ members and lots of other people interested in the project who either keep up with the news, contribute to the forum or provide resources, information and advice. Our aim is to develop and foster land based communities in networks of amazing homes through the exchange of information and technology.

Membership of the core community is not fixed – its a team of people who care for each other and the aims and development of the project. Each of us has unique talents, passions and ambitions for the project. A key element of our developing practise is to assist each other professionally, so together we generate the time and resources to move the project forward.


Matt’s a  Life Coach who wants to enable clients that want to have an extraordinary and meaningful life changing the world. This includes working with grief as well as joy.He enjoys facilitating and participating in groups – it really brings him alive. He loves anything that re-integrates and calibrates people with nature – which is our past and our future, if not our present. He loves to write, take landscape photographs and enjoy his friends.



Martin has studied Ecology, Biotechnology and Computer science . Passionate about nature, he’s not scared to get his hands dirty when something needs to be done. He  currently works as a SysAdmin or whatever comes along and excites him.


Craig’s passionate about technology, open source and about finding solutions to problems, it’s his skill to think outside of any box.  What gets him really going is when we can find solutions in nature, that can help us fix problems. This for him is the ultimate solution.

We’re in beautiful Bulgaria

Most of the current core team live in Bulgaria, but only some of us are Bulgarian. We are all Europeans and Land in Action will be of interest to people all over the planet. But there are good reasons why our project started and continues to thrive in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a lot going for land based innovative communities. It has a very small population relative to land mass, and its population is still shrinking, so land and house prices are inexpensive relative to other European countries. The native biodiversity is more intact relative to other industrialised European countries.

Due to Bulgarias hilly and mountainous geography much of it hasn’t been given over to industrial farming and has retained a predominance of labour intensive small holdings, where tractors and heavy machinery are not only uneconomic but also dangerous to operate.

People tend to have very little income in Bulgaria so the use of industrial pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers is relatively less – especially in mountainous small holding areas. Internet connectivity is currently ranked third best in the world. The climate is seasonal having very cold winters and hot summers. Bulgarians are a warm people, often willing to share what little resources they have.

Because of its social and political history land tends to be owned by families and groups of people in Bulgaria. This has tended to mean that there is little land speculation – it’s hard to buy and sell land when it is in multiple ownership which also means that the banks own a lesser proportion than is usual in Europe.

How to join!
Are  you inspired? Would you like to be part of the change? 
Come join us to explore what's possible!

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We use Telegram, an open source communication/messenger service to connect to each other within this project. If you'd like to join in, simply install the Telegram app on your smartphone, or use the desktop version if you'd prefer that.

Open the toggle below to learn more about how to get on Telegram and join the discussion and action:


How to connect with Land in Action on Telegram

Go to the Telegram website, and install the app you'll need for your device, you can use Telegram on your smartphone, or on your laptop/pc, or on both.



When the App is installed, search for the "Welcome to Land in Action" group and join!


Or join the group by clicking this link once you have Telegram installed:


Welcome to Land in Action


If you are having any trouble, send us a quick email:  hello@landinaction.org


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