What if you could live your life, doing what you love?

If you didn’t need to worry about a thing,

because the basics of life such as energy, shelter,

water and food are all met?

If you could achieve this level of comfort and wellbeing

in perfect harmony with this beautiful planet

and the other living things?

Who would you become?

What great things do you long to achieve?

Welcome to Land in Action

Who we are  & what we are working on

We are a group of inspired and enthusiastic people that are working on an open source model for community.

A community in which all of life thrives on this beautiful planet.

Where life is pleasurable and enjoyable for all  and our time can be spent following our hearts’ direction,

building relationships, innovation, culture, art, community & resilience.

A life of abundance, freedom and joy for all.
All the technology to make this happen is already there.

With the Land In Action project, we bring this vision and the technology that supports it to life,

and share the knowledge so that everyone can do the same.

The 4 big themes of life we explore

In the Land in Action project we explore the following themes:




Survivalism or Utopia?

Survivalism or Utopia?

Does watching the news upset you? Are you following the climate change science and the grim news from the arctic, do you fear for the dysfunctional future; or do you have hope for a utopia on earth, for the possibility of a new ecological humanity? In just a few years...

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Free Online Meeting Rooms

Free Online Meeting Rooms

  The Land in Action project has created a free resource that we hope will empower communities and action groups around the world; free online meeting rooms. We can't all be in the same place all the time, and nowadays some of the most revolutionary projects...

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Our Principles

In the Land In Action project, we achieve our vision as a group
by agreeing on the following principles:

Nature Comes First

All living beings have the right to be free, exist and thrive.  Individual and community needs must be moderated to make this possible.

Open Source

The universe is evolutionary and open source at every level of scale. The privatisation and commercialisation of information and technology impedes evolution, development and cooperation. All innovations arising out of LIA are open source, free for all to use, modify and exchange without privatising or commercialising them.

We are Caretakers

Our aim is to leave our living space better than we found it and to not externalise problems so that others bear the costs.


The idea that the market, scarcity and competition is the inevitalbe and preferable medium of human interaction is a travesty. Love is the highest functioning of humanity and the proper medium of all exchange. Win-win is the model by which evolution proceeds, as opposed to win-lose tyranny and exploitation.

Garden Planet

The separation of the modern human world from nature is a historical travesty. Immersion in nature is essential to human well being and maximisation. Every home should be surrounded by a productive garden village.


The conditions for creating abundance are laid out for us and well known. Diversity and complexity of relationship creates synergy out of which abundance emerges.

How to join!
Are  you inspired? Would you like to be part of the change? 
Come join us to explore what's possible!

Join us on Telegram

We use Telegram, an open source communication/messenger service to connect to each other within this project. If you'd like to join in, simply install the Telegram app on your smartphone, or use the desktop version if you'd prefer that.

Open the toggle below to learn more about how to get on Telegram and join the discussion and action:


How to connect with Land in Action on Telegram

Go to the Telegram website, and install the app you'll need for your device, you can use Telegram on your smartphone, or on your laptop/pc, or on both.



When the App is installed, search for the "Welcome to Land in Action" group and join!


Or join the group by clicking this link once you have Telegram installed:


Welcome to Land in Action


If you are having any trouble, send us a quick email:  hello@landinaction.org


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